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  • The Story

    A small update to the Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard.

    This version includes

    1. in-game music

    2. More enemies

    3. Improved 2 player game

    4. Custom game that lets you create your own screen.


    Collect those pesky alien things, avoid the guardians large, small and explosive and have a jolly nice time listening to the music.


    Other Info

    Does not support 68010 CPUs.

    For 1.3 machines, use 68000 CPU only.

    For best results, use a 2.0x+ ROM with 68020.

  • Downloads:

    Download the appropriate file below.

    Goatlizard DX V1.1

    Please note that by downloading this file you AGREE to NOT host this file ANYWHERE unofficial.
    If you wish to provide this file for download, please link directly to the provided LINK SHARE link below.

    Dev Tools used:

    Amiga: DevPac 3, Dpaint IV, ArtPro. PC: Grafx2.

  • 30th July 2014

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Fixed it!

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  • 30th July 2014

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Disabled the download link as the game is bugged. Will re-enable when fixed :(

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  • 18th July 2014

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Tis all done now. Ran out of steam with it, all bugs I think are fixed but I didn't manage to add all the features I hoped I would. Fairly pleased with it. Onto some new projects now. Bye bye Moebius, it was fun.

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  • 9th July 2014

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Was ready to release GoatDx... Until I tested it on a 1.3 Amiga. Bugs galore.


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  • 31st March 2014

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Things I have added, or hope to add:

    1/ in-game protracker support
    2/ Big monsters (behave similarly to the small counterparts)
    3/ change one of the lorriy types to fire out a stun bomb
    4/ Big exploding stun bomb (walking bomb that stuns no matter what row you're on when it goes off)
    5/ suicide: explodes moby but causes him to pick up all items on the row at the expense of a life
    6/ Amiga version of the attribute snake
    7/ more stuff, not sure what.

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  • Black Jet consists of:

    Andrew Gillen
    Jaco van der Walt

  • Contact:

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