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  • The Story

    Insatiable lust for all things cosmic brings Moebius to the world of Amiga where he must collect inter-galactic stuff to help feed his dirty collecting habit. Or somethign along those lines.


    Run around collectng the inter-galactic aliens, avoiding things and generally have a right rollicking good time doing it.

    Controlled with joystick. P to pause, Esc to quit.

    (P to save high scores on the title screen).

    Other Info

    Get it now, finally completed.


  • Downloads:

    Download the appropriate file below.

    Moebius Goatlizard ADF

    Please note that by downloading this file you AGREE to NOT host this file ANYWHERE unofficial.
    If you wish to provide this file for download, please link directly to the provided LINK SHARE link below.

    Dev Tools used:

    Amiga - Devpac 3, VASM, ASM-One, DPaint IV, ArtPro
    PC - Context, Grafx2, Hively Tracker & AHX
    Web - Sound effects gen bxfr.net

  • 20th March 2014

    Dev entry by: Spud

    Continued to work on the big sprite: added movement and animation. IT's all coming back to me now.. slowly. :)

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  • 17th March 2014

    Dev entry by: Spud

    Added pro-tracker support for in-game music and sfx, needs some big fixing a sit seems to screw up some of the effectss with a high pitched squeal.

    Started coding a large mega baddy, like you get in the Speccy versions of Lost Tapes of Albion. It uses 4 sprite channels for a 64x64 sprite.

    Wait, what's that? You're coding a sequel to Moebius Goatlizard? Kind of. More of a refinement I guess. Trying to optimise and add some new features in to keep my mind ticking over in between projects.

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  • 3rd July 2013

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Finished v1.2 last night.

    The "custom" game gives the player the ability to select the layout and the enemies. Use it to train your skills or tailor your own challenge. It's a small addition, but a worthy one.

    This is not on general release yet. Buy a copy ( ;-) ) and you'll receive this version. :-)

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  • 1st July 2013

    Dev entry by: Spud

    mobynew_df442c2cb4.png Spent today adding in some extra content to the paid-for copies of the Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard. Been fun and frustrating trying to understand my code. It has been a few months since I last looked at it, and it could really do with some more comments.

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  • 14th April 2013

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Fixed the 2player game, it was more broken than I realised, but thanks to FS-UAE we've been able to play it two players over the Internet. Brilliant fun !

    Also added a high score save function, access it from the titlescreen with "P" key.

    Ok, that is it, * really * finished this time.

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  • 13th April 2013

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Finished it. 5 single player game modes, a two player vs score attack mode, tested and works more or less on all Amigas. Two player mode has some interesting quirks I like actually. They could be called bugs but they can be used to cheat some points which I think is rather fiendish and amusing.

    So, it is done .

    Have a look at the readme for the instructions, they're also contained on the disk:


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  • 28th March 2013

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Hoping to get this complete this weekend. A couple of issues to work though and a couple of ourstanding things to finish off and I'll call it a day.

    The game works on all my Amigas I've been able to test from 512KB A500, 1MB A600, standard A1200, CDTV, Amiga 1200 with a Blizzard 1230IV@50MHz, an Amiga 4000 Desktop with 040/40 and my pride and joy my Amiga 3000 desktop. It probably works on the the CD32 but it is buried deep somewhere in the loft.

    Not all features are available on the 512KB version, but it autodetects on boot up which features to enable. That sounds quite grand, but it really doesn't enable a huge amount in the enhanced version, but it's a cool reference to the games from yesteryear that detected extra ram and so forth.

    Jaco wrote some nice AHX based music which can be heard if you play it on an 020 based Amiga such as an A1200. The chip tuneyness is designed to reflect the 8bit origins of the game.

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  • 20th March 2013

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Nearly there. Might complete it this weekend? Maybe ! o/

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  • 8th February 2013

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    moby_cfca5bc527.png Still working on this.

    Coded my own sample player thing, not a difficult thing to program at all, so nothing to shout about, but I'm pleased it works well and does exactly what I need it to do. It's a simple routine to select the first free channel for whatever sample you want to play.

    Lots of grahical improvements to tiles and stuff, a new walking bomb enemy, Jaco has drawn the title screen.

    I'm in the middle of recoding a good deal of it to support the two player game which was beginning to become tricky with the old code base. As a one player experience it was more or less all in the can, now it's all up in the air again while I recode it to make it much more sensible in terms of memory footprint and two player management. I'm desperately trying to get it to work in just 512KB of RAM so it would run on an standard A500. As it stands it needs 1MB.

    Lots to do, lots to learn, having fun with it still and that is the main thing.

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  • 14th December 2012

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    pikachu_0a32261332.gif Erm, pok?mon invaders?

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  • 13th October 2012

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Quite a bit done since the last update.

    1. Projectiles

    2. Changed the roaming enemies to smoothly move up and down the teleport areas. While they're doing this they don't cause the player any harm - this is a bit fairer than suddenly teleporting on top of the player.

    3. Added sound effects engine. This is code taken from some routines published to eab.abime.net by Mike Clarke. Any code reuse of this nature will be properly credited in the final build.

    4. Put in some level logic and control so you can (for the demo at least) cycle through 4 levels.

    5. Keys (invaders) are randomly generated using an XOR shift routine taken frmo, yes you guessed it eab.abime.net. I tried to implement my own one first by adapting a z80 based xor shift routine from WOS by Patrik Rak, but well, that blew my mind and I couldn't get it working.
    6. Lots of bug squashing, had al ot of issues that only showed up on 68000 cpus, 010s+ seemed to cope OK with them. Still bugs to fix, and lots to recode and optimise before release though.

    Loads still to do.

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  • 13th September 2012

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Not much to report on the Amiga Moby project, just some background tiles, inertia, more platform graphics, and sprite recoding. So some stuff you'd notice, but lots you wouldn't.
    Here's a video from last week of it:

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  • 19th August 2012

    Dev entry by: Andrew

    Three things:

    First, Dave Infuriators is nearing release now. The level editor needs a tidy up as this will be included in the final release, and then just complete the level designs. I suppose I could release it without the levels and let the user design them instead with the supplied editor, but that's a bit rude !

    Second, I'm in the process of learning the Amiga architecture and 68K ASM, so what better way to learn than to convert Lost Disks of SAM to the platform ;-) Very early stages, I'd like to draw inspiration from the EFMB PC Remake (have a look at RGCD EFMB for information on that piece of awesomeness and hopefully come up with some new ideas.

    Third, Jaco is in the process of developing an Amiga game, I'll let him talk about that one though. (No it isn't Cosmic Overlord).


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  • Black Jet consists of:

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    Jaco van der Walt

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